Bathroom Hardware on a Budget

In this down economy a number of people are taking advantage of the affordability of homes to become a new homeowner. With houses at rock-bottom prices right now, those who never thought they’d be able to become homeowners before are finally getting that chance. But once they’ve closed on the home and started to really assess it, they realize there’s a lot of work that needs to be done. Since all of their money’s gone into buying a house, closing costs, etc., they are now on a tight budget to try and make a few improvements here and there to turn that house into a home.

In this article were going to focus specifically on the bathroom and the bath hardware that can help address a whole lot without breaking the bank.

Before you even think of doing any purchasing, you really need to assess the bathroom and what you’re going to need. If you know anything about home renovation, you know that quite often nothing more than a fresh coat of paint and some new bathroom hardware can completely change the look of this room. So this might be the best way to go. First decide what color of paint you’re going to put on the walls. Second, you need to know what color your going to make the shower curtain and other large accents. Once you’ve figured these two things out, it’s time to move to the bathroom hardware.

You first need to count the number of knobs, pulls and handles that you’re going to need to replace all the ones currently in the bathroom. This is the reason that hardware becomes expensive, because there are so many pieces. Usually, the individual pieces are quite affordable but when you multiply it by the number of pieces you need, suddenly you have a bigger number than you were hoping for. But there are still some ways to shave a few dollars off of the overall price.

Economy Packs

When you’re shopping around, look for economy packs of hardware. Usually, these are the type of things that contractors buy, who do a number of houses. But, if your bathroom happens to need a lot of pieces of bathroom hardware, you might be able to get a great deal by purchasing an economy pack of hardware pieces.

Do It Yourself

Another way to save a couple bucks is by looking for hardware that’s not completely finished. Usually when you walk down the aisle of bathroom hardware you’ll see lots of pieces that are polished, painted or otherwise completely finished and ready to go on the cabinets. Well, you’re paying for all this finishing work. Instead, don’t look at the pretty display of hardware, look down below. There are quite often going to be unfinished pieces of hardware. These could be wood pieces that are waiting for you to decide how to paint or stain them so they’ll work for your bathroom. It doesn’t take that long to finish these pieces on your own and you can rack up the savings by doing some of the work yourself.